Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Great Gatsby - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“Most of those reports were a nightmare - grotesque, circumstantial, eager, and untrue.” (163)
Are people now thinking that Myrtle was sleeping with Gatsby? Did Tom say anything to the reporters or police? What happened to Myrtle’s sister (Catherine) after all this? Are the police really going to believe that Gatsby didn’t sleep with Myrtle? What did Daisy do when she found out that Gatsby was dead? Did Tom take her out of the country before all this happened? What will happen to Gatsby’s house and his money? Did he have a will? Why did Wilson jump to conclusions so fast?
“But she and Tom had gone away early that afternoon, and taken baggage with them.” (164)
Daisy and Tom really did leave town. And Nick was all alone. Nick had to deal with everything from everybody. How could Daisy just leave? Did make her leave? Or did she want to go with Tom? Nick says “I found myself on Gatsby’s side, and alone.” Why was he on Gatsby’s side? Does that mean people believed that he really did kill Myrtle? They only person who knows who actually killed Myrtle is gone. And she will never confess to killing someone. Gatsby died for Daisy and she still stayed with Tom.
“No one arrived…” (165)
I think Nick started to realize that Gatsby was just trying to do the right thing and get the one thing he truly wanted. Nick realized that Gatsby lied in order to pursue what he wanted most. Nick started to see why Gatsby had so many secrets because as people started to not call or show up Nick felt bad for Gatsby. Gatsby truly had no one in his corner.
“I can’t do it - I can’t get mixed up in it,’ (171).
Why can’t Wolfsheim come? If he “made” Gatsby then the least he could do is come to his funeral. Is there some legal thing that could get in the way? Did Wolfsheim not want to destroy Gatsby’s name than it already has been? Would someone say something? Did Gatsby and Wolfsheim not actually get along?
“And ever since he made a success he was very generous with me.” (172)
Gatsby never talked about his family but yet he still helped them and went to see them. What happened to his mother? Mr. Gatz was so proud of his son but he didn’t know the real reason behind all of his money.
“It was the man with owl-eyed glasses whom I had found marvelling over Gatsby’s books…” (174)

“‘I told him the truth,’” (178)
Who was this man? Why was he so important? Was he connected to Gatsby’s past or was he just found of Gatsby?

Tom told Wilson who the car belonged to. Wilson didn’t figure it out on his own he had help. If only Tom knew the truth. Daisy killed Myrtle not Gatsby.

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Great Gatsby - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Toward dawn I heard a taxi go up Gatsby’s drive, and immediately I jumped out of bed and began to dress…” (147)
Why did Nick feel like he needed to tell Gatsby something? Did Nick not tell Gatsby that he thought Daisy and Tom would stay together? Did Nick know something else about Daisy and Tom that Gatsby didn’t know? Would Daisy throw Nick under the bus for not telling Gatsby something?
“She vanished into her rich house, into her rich, full life, leaving Gatsby -nothing.” (149)
Why did she keep from Gatsby? Why did Gatsby keep holding on to her? He must have understood that she was not coming back to him. He has to know that she would have picked Tom anyway. Why would Daisy leave Tom, a guy who can give her anything she wants? I think Daisy was still unsure about how she felt between the two. And when Gatsby pressured her into making a decision she feel back on what was comfortable, Tom.
“She wanted her life shaped now, immediately - and the decision must be made by some force - of love, of money, or unquestionable practicality - that was close at hand.” (151)
Daisy was very impatient. And it turned out to be the worst for her love life. Daisy seems to be driven by money. SHe cannot wait for Gatsby because that means she would have to have hope that he will come back to her after the war and Daisy is not about to wait around for someone.
“‘God sees everything,’” (160)
Wilson was talking about Doctor T.. J. Eckleburg's eyes. He knew that Doctor T. J. had seen it all everything that she had been doing with Tom and how she kept lying to Wilson about it. Doctor T. J. was like God to wilson because he was the only one who saw everything.
“The chauffeur - he was one of Wolfsheim’s proteges - heard the shots…” (161)

“It was after we started with Gatsby toward the house that the gardener saw Wilson’s body a little way off in the grass, and the holocaust was complete.” (162)
Did Wilson shoot Gatsby??? How’d he figure it out? I thought Wilson thought Tom killed Myrtle? Well what will Wilson do know? Was Daisy calling Gatsby? Or was it someone from Detroit?   
So Wilson killed himself. Could he not handle knowing that his wife was cheating on him or the fact that he got his revenge and know he was done? Gatsby died for Daisy. Gatsby covered for Daisy. Gatsby must have really loved Daisy in order to go through with all this. Gatsby did all of this and still didn’t end up with Daisy in the end. Was this all for nothing?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Great Gatsby - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“..the lights in this house failed to go on one Saturday night…” (113)
Why wasn’t’ Gatsby having a party? Is it because he got Daisy to come over? He had achieved his goal of Daisy coming over so maybe he just didn’t need to throw parties anymore? Did he run out of money? Were there too many rumors going around during and after the parties? Why would he fire all of his servants? What was the point? Did he not have enough money to keep them all?
“‘She doesn’t look like her father…’” (117)
Why would Daisy say that? Does she not want to think that Tom is her father? Does she want someone else to be the father? Is someone else the father? Did she bring her child in to show Gatsby and see how he would react to the child? The child seems to know who her father is but does the father really know who she is? Does Tom and the child interact much? Is Tom abusive to the child?
“His temper cracked a little.” (119)
Does Tom really love Daisy? Why is he worried about her and Gatsby? He is cheating with another women? He controlled his temper in this part but can he continue to control it or is he going to turn violent? Fitzgerald just personified Tom’s temper. It makes Tom’s temper seem more real and how at any moment it could fully break.
“...Tom was feeling the hot whips of panic. His wife and his mistress…were slipping precipitately from his control.” (125)
Tom couldn’t handle knowing that Daisy was having an affair and that Myrtle's husband was planning on taking them West. Tom was realizing that his “perfect” life was falling apart and didn’t know how to handle it. He even sold Gatsby’s car without Gatsby knowing. Tom was realizing that he can only hold on to the perfect things in life for so long. It seems like once he noticed something unraveling it all starts to unravel.
“‘What kind of a row are you trying to cause in my house anyhow’” (129).
Are there different types of rows? What is a row? Is it just a rift in someone’s relationship? Is Tom slowly losing it? Is this what Gatsby wanted all along? Do get Daisy to see Tom’s true nature and realize that she doesn’t really want to be with Tom and she will get a divorce? Will Gatsby finally come clean about everything in his life?
“‘You never loved him.’” (132)
Is Gatsby forcing Daisy to say things she doesn’t want to? Why would she marry Tom if she never loved him? Just because she “had to”? What is Tom going to do to Gatsby and Daisy? What happened in Chicago? Did Tom have another affair there too?
“‘There, Jay.’” (132)
Will she resent Gatsby now that he pushed her to tell Tom her true feelings? Did she figure out that Gatsby and Tom aren’t that different after all? Why does Daisy go with Gatsby after Gatsby and Tom argue? Does she still love Gatsby even after hearing all those things in Gatsby’s past? Does Gatsby think he can do better than Tom?
“The “death car” as the newspapers called it, didn’t stop…” (137)
Who hit Myrtle? Michaelis thought he saw a light green car. Does that mean it was Gatsby’s yellow car because at night I am sure that the color looks more like a light green. There is that color green again. Like the green light coming from Daisy’s dock. Why would Myrtle run out into the middle of the road? Because she saw Tom drive into town in that car and thought it was Tom but it was Gatsby instead. Will Tom use this accident to get Daisy back and get revenge on Gatsby?
“‘Was Daisy driving? ‘Yes.’” (142)
Does that mean Daisy will go with Gatsby and still leave Tom? What will Daisy do know that she killed someone? However, she did kill the person that was sleeping with her husband. Will Gatsby really take Daisy’s place if it comes down to it? Why is it bad that Daisy was driving? Why was Daisy driving?
“They weren’t happy…and yet they weren’t unhappy either.” (145)
Does this mean that Daisy and Tom will get back together? Did Daisy tell Tom that she was the one that hit Myrtle? What will happen to Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship? Will Daisy ignore Gatsby? Will Gatsby ignore Daisy once he realizes that she won’t go with him? WIll Daisy stay with Tom or does she not want to be Gatsby so she just stays with Tom? Why would Gatsby just wait there? Does he really think that Daisy would just leave Tom just like that? Especially after the night they have had? Why would Daisy just drive on after she hit Myrtle? DId Daisy realize who she hit? Did she realize that she just killed someone? What will she do if someone finds the car?

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Great Gatsby - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“...young reporter from New York arrived one morning at Gatsby’s door and asked him if he had anything to say.” (97)
A statement about what? Does it have something to do with Gatsby’s past? Does it have something to do with how he became so successful? Does it have something to do with his business?
“James Gatz…” (98)
Why would Gatsby change his name? Did his name remind him of those that he had lost? Did his name spark to much interest in his family’s name and history? Were there people out to get him? Did he want a new name to represent the new person he was becoming? Did he want to escape from something and thought that changing his name would give him relief?
“His parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people…” (98)
I thought he said he came from money? How did he truly get all his money? Why did he think he was better than he really was? Why would he lie about his parents and upbringing? Did his parents leave him or stop paying attention to him so Dan Cody took him in? Is that how he got all this money from Dan Cody? Did Cody leave his money for Gatsby?
“So he invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a {17} year-old boy would be likely to invent, and to this conception he faithful to the end.” (98)
Was Gatsby murdered? What does he mean when he says he was faithful to the end? Gatsby didn’t like who he was in the past so he changed that. He didn’t want to accept who he was or who his parents were so he changed them. Why would Gatsby want to change his life?
“...Ella Kaye came on board one night in Boston and a week later Dan Cody inhospitably died.” (100)
So Cody took Gatsby in and that is when Gatsby changed his name. And Ella Kaye was the one who sent Cody off to sea in a yatch. So does this mean the Ella Kaye killed Cody.
“‘Tell him we couldn’t wait, will you?’” (103)
Why wouldn’t the women want Gatsby to come? And what was this “meeting” for? Why were they all at Gatsby’s house? Why was Tom and Gatsby acting like nothing had happened between them? What was the point of this meeting? Why would Gatsby want to meet Tom?
“‘It’s hard to make her understand.’” (109)
It hard to make her understand what exactly? Understand his feelings for her or her feelings for him? What is he trying to accomplish? Does he really love Daisy or is he hoping she will come to him? He wants her to get away from Tom but I don’t know if she ever will?  Why does it seem like Tom is out to get Gatsby? Tom just seems more intrigued by him and his past but there is something else that Tom knows about Gatsby or at least wants to know about Gatsby. Does Daisy know more about Gatsby’s past? What did Daisy understand?
“‘Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!’” (110)
Why does Gatsby want to repeat the past? What was so great about the past? Does it just have to do with Daisy? What was in the past that is special to Gatsby? Why does he want to go back? There must be something that Daisy reminds him of more than just the past it must be something very specific about the past? Does he love what she represents or does he love her?

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Great Gatsby - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“...you see, I carry on a little business on the side…” (82)
What kind of business does he run? Is this why he can afford to live this kind of lifestyle? What things is he selling? Why doesn’t it take up a lot of time? Why does it have to do with Wolfshiem? Is he the one buying and selling what it is? Will Nick participate? I wonder what Gatsby wants Nick to do?
“‘This is a terrible mistake,’” (87)
This is one of the most awkward gatherings ever. They don’t know how to act around each other. Nick is not helping either. He should try to move the evening along. I thought Gatsby would have been more smooth but not around someone he loves. I am shocked that Daisy feels so uncomfortable also. She must still have feelings for Gatsby or she is just upset with Tom and doesn’t want to be with him anymore or she wants to do what Tom did to her?
“Daisy’s face was smeared with tears…” (89)
What were they talking about that made Daisy cry and Gatsby glow? Was Daisy talking about Tom and how he was cheating on her? Were they talking about their past? Did Gatsby ask her a question or did Daisy ask him a question? Did they plan something for a later date? They are not as uncomfortable around each other anymore. They seem to have gotten past the awkward phase.
“They had forgotten me…” (96)
Once Gatsby got more comfortable with Daisy they started to forget about Nick. Gatsby would not have met Daisy today if it was not for Nick. Nick is the one who had Daisy over for tea. Why is Gatsby trying to show off? Does he think that is the way to win over Daisy?I wonder what she whispered in his ear? That phone call was interesting. It must have been about his business. Is Nick going to join Gatsby in his business? Why would Nick want to join?  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Great Gatsby - Chapter 3

Chapter 3
“There was music from my neighbor’s house through the summer nights.” (39)
Doesn’t he get tired of always having parties. All the people in his house breaking things and making a mess. Wouldn’t it get old after a while and wouldn’t he have to try and top his own parties to make them even better? Gatsby seems lonely. I think that is why he holds all these parties, because he doesn’t feel alone while the party is going on.
“...I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited.” (41)
Why would people just show up to his house uninvited? Because they knew it was a gatsby party and they knew he would want more people at the party? Why were some people invited? Why would gatsby invite Nick to his party? Because Nick is new to west egg? I still don’t understand why Gatsby would invite some people. Did Gatsby want to make sure they attended his party for some reason or was it because he knew they wouldn’t show up unless they were invited?
“‘I never care what I do…” (43)
Why don’t people care what they do when they are at Gatsby’s parties? How could a person be so carefree? Why would they risk doing something they will regret? Why would they want to live that kind of life?
“...we were going to find the host…” (45)
It seems like if Gatsby wants to be found or looked upon he will be and if he doesn’t then he won’t. Why isn’t he at his own party? Why is he hiding? Because he has something to hide? How come some people meet him and some don’t? Does he have people that work for him in the parties that tell him what is going on? Does he have a secret hiding spot where he can see everything?
“‘I’m Gatsby,”’ (48)
He must be a great host if he can just blend right in with the crowd? I still can’t believe nobody has ever truly met Gatsby that Nick has talked too. Maybe they have they just don’t remember because they were too drunk to remember? It seems like when you meet Gatsby you are just excited to be in his presence and you just focus on his good qualities and you forget that he has secrets. Why does he keep calling him old sport? The song seemed to be like a lullaby for the women and made the women want to be with a man. Was it trying to symbolize what Gatsby wanted from a woman? Why would everyone start fighting with each other after they were just dancing with each other?
“She was incurably dishonest” (58)
Why was Jordan so dishonest? How could she live with herself? How could she win and not feel guilty? Why did she always need a leg up? Why was it so important for her to win? Did someone pay off the people who tried against her in that scandal on the golf course? Why was she so interested in Nick or was she faking it? Why was Nick interested in her?
“‘I hate careless people.”’ (58)
If she hates careless people then does she hate herself? She is pretty careless so she must hate herself if she hates careless people? How does she know Nick isn’t careless? Because he doesn’t do what she does or he has opinions about everything? Because he thinks through a situation? I think there are times to be careless but there are times when you do have to care about the aftermath. How does she go about life hating herself? Why does she truly hate herself? Did something happen in her past that made her like this?
“...I am one of the few honest people I have ever known.” (59)
Does he know something that he hasn’t told us yet? Does he know the secrets to almost everyone he has talked too? What was he thinking when he wrote that? What makes him so sure that he is a honest person? Who are the other honest people he has known? Why is he saying that at the end of the chapter? To counter Jordan’s dishonesty? Everyone has secrets is just finding out the secrets that is the hardest part of life. Nick has to have a secret he doesn’t want anyone to know. I wonder what Gatsby’s secret is? There are all these rumors about what his big secret is but no one seems to know for sure?

The Great Gatsby - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“This is a valley of ashes…” (23)
Why does he call it the valley of ashes? Why are there ashes in the valley? I’m guessing it must just be a dark place. It sounds like a ghost town that nobody wants to visit.
“...after a moment, the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg.” (23)
That is creepy! That sign must have just been there and no one ever took it down. I wouldn’t want to look into those eyes. It reminds me of the book 1984 and how people are always watching you. And the fact that the billboard is just the eyes is even more scary. Why would only the eyes remain on the billboard? If everything else has disappeared then shouldn’t the eyes have gone away too?
“...the third was a garage…” (25)
I cannot believe that Tom would just walk into his mistresses home in front of her husband and tell her to meet him in New York. Tom seems to have no respect for her husband. If Myrtle didn’t like her husband why didn’t she leave him. Tom would probably leave Daisy because they seem to be going downhill pretty fast. Myrtle would buy all these things for their apartment in New York and they were just random things. She doesn’t know how to take care of a dog. She drinks and smokes. And the dog can’t stay in the apartment alone while she is with her actually husband. Will she bring the dog with her?
“‘I’m scared of him. I’d hate to have him get anything on me.’” (32)
Does Gatsby do this to other people? Why is she so scared of Gatsby? How does he get dirt on people if at his own parties he never socializes so how would he know so much about people? Does he have “spies” working for him at his parties? Is that what he sees in Nick? Nick seems to get a lot of information from people without them knowing, so would Gatsby hire him to spy on people?
“Making a short deft movement, Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand.” (37)
This shows Tom’s attitude and personality. He is a violent man. And when someone defies him or something doesn’t og his way he turns to violence. I wonder if this means he beats daisy as well. He didn’t seem to have a problem breaking Myrtle's nose so that must mean he is abusive. I wonder if he has hurt Myrtle in the past? Why would a woman stay with a man who is abusive?